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Sound + Lights

Sarasota Wedding Band Light System
Sarasota Wedding Band Sound System

Tour-Quality Sound + Lights

A true performance goes beyond hiring a band of great musicians. The “Production” of the performance is just as valuable. If you’re unable to clearly hear the vocalists or see the band because the lights aren’t programmed to optimally reflect the energy of the song, you’re missing out on the key ingredients of a great party.

Our package provides a crystal clear sound system, tuned specifically to your venue, plus a fully-programmed LED lighting system to match the mood of each song and enhance the party atmosphere. Our sound system focuses the sound energy where you want it — on the dance floor, while allowing your guests to have conversations at their tables.

Fine-tuned with the energy bumpin’ on the dance floor, and comfortable volume-levels for Grandma to carry a conversation at her table. Our production crew ensures everything will look and sound perfect!

Lighting May Be the Most Overlooked Aspect of Band Performances

Lighting makes a huge impact on the mood, energy and atmosphere of the room. We program our lighting scenes on a song-by-song basis. Ballads have soft blue/purple hues. Pop-Rock songs take on warmer red/orange tones. All lighting scenes are further enhanced with moving-head effect patterns on the ceiling and floor.

Our performances are like a live concert…and everyone has front row!